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Kick | Huddle | Bunt | Knockout

Client: Topps
Platform:  iOS & Android
Date Completed : 2014



The Topps Company has been the industry leader in trading cards for over fifty years, from their classic baseball and other sports cards to entertainment-based cards and collectibles. Seeing the potential of reaching existing and new audiences on their phones, Topps partnered with Dog on a Horse to conceive and execute a digital experience that would bring their trading cards and collectibles into the 21stcentury.




Help Topps bring to life a digital version of their trading cards. Create a compelling, user-retentive and revenue-generating digital collectible experience that enhances the Topps brand and reinvigorates trading cards for a new generation of fans.

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Dog on a Horse and Topps created a simple, intuitive user interface coupled with industry-leading analytics and store functionality, as well as a robust & scalable back end, to provide Topps producers the ability to create and update content, and collectors to buy, trade and collect compelling digital collectibles. Fantasy play functionality was added [something more here, when and what]

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Topps Bunt was named a Best New App by Apple on its launch in 2014. Building on that success, and the scalability of the platform designed by Dog on a Horse, Topps rolled out Huddle in xxxx and Kick in xxxx, giving Topps sports trading card apps a global reach.



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